Maintain an Energy Efficient Loading Dock

If you operate a temperature-controlled facility, such as cold storage or perishable goods, you understand the unique challenge of maintaining a range of different temperatures and humidity throughout your facility. Sustaining that controlled environment and preserving the thermal envelope around the loading dock requires specialized dock equipment to help protect products during loading and unloading. These solutions play an important role in helping keep climate-controlled facilities efficient:

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Vertical Storing Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Vertical dock levelers are specifically designed to store upright inside temperature-controlled facilities. By having the dock leveler store inside the facility, the overhead door is able to close flush to the floor, eliminating air gaps typically found with pit-mounted dock levelers. Applications can also be configured with a Thermal Guard Package to allow the swing-out doors on refrigerated trailers to open inside the facility, eliminating the mass loss of cold air that would occur if the doors had to be opened prior to backing into position at the loading dock. This design also helps seal the gaps that can exist once the trailer is parked against the dock bumpers and the leveler is positioned for loading and unloading, ensuring cold air isn’t released and keeping products like food, beverages and pharmaceuticals at their ideal temperature — all while lowering energy costs and improving overall productivity.

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Recessed Vehicle Restraints

These RIG-style vehicle restraints are recessed within a small pit just below the vertical dock leveler, and store inside the building rather than on the exterior foundation wall of the building. Recessed restraints are powerful enough to keep the trailer snug against the dock seal or shelter by securing the trailer’s RIG. In other applications, standard wall-mounted vehicle restraints can be installed. Regardless of model, restraints should be installed with operating controls consolidated into a master control panel with other dock and door products.

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Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Shelters & Dock Seals

For loading docks challenged with energy efficiency needs, few products are more essential than a proper dock seal or dock shelter. Not only will a Serco dock seal or dock shelter prevent cold air from slipping out through gaps around the trailer, but it will also ensure products like food and beverages are protected against dirt, debris, rodents and inclement weather from infiltrating into your facility. If you see a variety of trailer sizes and styles, an inflatable dock shelter is a better option. Once inflated, the fabric side and header bags provide an effective seal around the trailer, and can be interlocked into a master control panel with other loading dock equipment for simpler operation

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Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Designed specifically to be used on cold storage loading docks in conjunction with vertical dock levelers, the VC Series VertiCool insulated door utilizes 48” high and 4” thick closed-cell XEPS foam panels, an advanced dual-compression seal system, and heavy-duty polymer tracks to provide exceptional thermal protection at the loading dock. VertiCool doors also provide a far superior lifetime cost of ownership compared to conventional insulated sectional doors or vertical rise freezer doors. .

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Integrated Loading Dock Equipment Controls

Interlocking all loading dock equipment to operate in a controlled sequence prevents the opportunity for a mass loss of cold air through open sectional doors.

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Energy Guard Dock Leveler Weatherseal

Energy Guard is a superior perimeter weather seal that protects the sides and rear of pit-mounted loading dock levelers to prevent energy loss and block dirt, debris and pests.

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