Smart Solutions For When Temperature Matters

Proper insulation and energy efficiency are critical for cold storage. Not only are you protecting your products, but you’re also working to lower your bottom line. Every degree change counts, and with the right dock equipment you’ll have the tools you need to maintain environmental control over your loading dock while ensuring cold air isn’t escaping through gaps. Achieve both peace of mind and energy efficiency with Serco energy-saving loading dock equipment made specifically for cold storage operations:

Vertical Dock Levelers

Vertical loading dock levelers allow operators to maintain complete control over environmental efficiency, safety, cleanliness and security, making them ideally suited for climate-controlled facilities that require close monitoring of temperature changes. Vertical-storing levelers equipped with the Thermal Guard Package are ideal for maintaining the thermal envelope at the cold storage loading dock.

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Vehicle Restraints

Recessed vehicle restraints with LED communication lights provide an ideal solution for safety at cold storage loading docks. The Serco SLP Series Recessed Restraint and VSL Series Vertical-Storing Dock Leveler make a particularly effective combination. For operations using lift gates on the backs of trailers, powered wheel chocking systems are an effective alternative.

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Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Seals or Shelters

Serco dock seals and shelters feature ultra-durable Serco Steel galvanized steel framing for long-lasting protection that keeps the elements out of your loading dock while trapping cooled air inside.

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Insulated Dock Doors

Powered, insulated sectional doors with higher R-values that are specifically designed to maintain the thermal envelope of your building are recommended for creating an energy-saving loading dock.

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Master Control Panels

Serco integrated controls give you the unique opportunity to combine all your loading dock devices into one easy-to-use compact panel, while also enabling you to sequence the operation of that equipment to run in a particular order or in an automated sequence — ideal in cold storage to prevent the door from being left opened for example.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Integrate your Serco loading dock equipment with an advanced supply chain logistics software to maintain complete control of your operations, helping you minimize energy loss, increase productivity and solve challenges directly from a single computer interface.

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