Wind Load Package

The Wind Load Package is specifically designed to withstand high wind load environments, providing facilities in hurricane susceptible locations with a safe and durable solution for their industrial door needs. Its features include resistant, knock-out capable, polycarbonate interior skins, a full-height reinforced Impact-A-TrackTM and slide locks and lock out pins that are attached to the tracks to secure the door during high-wind events.

The Wind Load Package is available on the following models:

TKO WW Series| NOA# 13-0521.03
TKO CW Series| NOA# 12-1019.12
TKO TW Series| NOA# 13-0521.04
TKO VC Series| NOA# 13-0521.06

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wind load package design features

Designed to withstand high wind load environments

A safe, durable solution for facilities in hurricane-prone areas

Resistant, knock-out capable, polycarbonate interior skin

Full-height reinforced Impact-A-TrackTM






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